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Adolescent Outpatient Treatment

Adolescent Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient Treatment for Teens


Windsor Laurelwood provides outpatient treatment for teens aged 13 to 17 who would benefit from an adolescent outpatient mental health treatment plan. This program is offered at our facility located in Willoughby, Ohio. 

According to the State of Mental Health in America, over 2.5 million youth in the U.S. have severe depression, and multiracial youth are at greatest risk. 10.6% of youth in the U.S. have severe major depression (depression that severely affects functioning). 

Another alarming statistic provided by the State of Mental Health in America is that over 60% of youth in America are suffering from major depression and do not receive any mental health treatment. Even in states with the greatest access, nearly one in three youth are going without treatment.

Windsor Laurelwood Center for Behavioral Medicine understands that there is a need for child and mental health issues in the Greater Cleveland, Ohio, area. We provide a no-cost phone mental health assessment by calling 800-GET-HOPE (800-438-4673) or 440-953-3000 or contacting us online

Adolescent Mental Health Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

The Adolescent Partial Hospitalization Program at Windsor Laurelwood is for teens ages 13 and older that are experiencing mental health issues. 

The goal of this teen outpatient program is to assist adolescents in developing more effective coping skills by promoting mental health well-being and self-care. These skills are learned in a group setting through the use of education, discussion, role playing and peer support. 

Teen outpatient treatment program elements include psychiatric/medical evaluation and medication management, group therapy and activities therapy.

What is a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)?

With a wide range of mental health options available, you might be asking yourself, “What is a PHP and how can it help my loved one?”

A Partial Hospitalization Program is a full-time day program. While in this program, teens will receive mental health treatment and therapies throughout the day before returning home at night. 

This highly-structured outpatient treatment program provides outpatient mental health for adolescents services that get to the root of mental health issues. We provide the skills, tools and education necessary for your teen to take positive steps forward. 

The numbers for adolescent mental health disorders are continuing to rise. A growing percentage of youth in the U.S. live with major depression. Each year we see an increase from the pervious year’s dataset. 

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), nearly half of all people who report symptoms of a mental disorder first reported symptoms before the age of 14. The earlier your loved one gets help, the better. 

Choosing adolescent outpatient treatment near you can be stressful, but our admissions team is here to make it easier. To contact us, give us a call 800-GET-HOPE (800-438-4673) or 440-953-3000 to learn about what we can do for your loved one. 

We’re Here to Help with Adolescent Outpatient Services

Located in Willoughby, Ohio, Windsor Laurelwood Center for Behavioral Medicine is ready to help your teen with our treatment programs. Whether your loved one needs long-term around-the-clock inpatient mental health care, or short-term outpatient services, there are programs available at our facility. 

Call us today at 800-GET-HOPE (800-438-4673) or 440-953-3000. We can also be contacted online.