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Adult Treatment

Adult Treatment

Adult Treatment and Programs

Windsor Laurelwood Center for Behavioral Medicine offers three distinct adult psychiatric inpatient programs to address each individual’s specific needs in a therapeutic environment.

Patients for these three inpatient programs receive around-the-clock care at our facility located in Willoughby, Ohio. If a patient is already in treatment with a therapist, psychologist or psychiatrist, we accept patient referrals from providers as well. 

Our Adult Inpatient Mental Health Programs

Located roughly 20 miles from downtown Cleveland, Ohio, the mental health programs for adults at Windsor Laurelwood provide adult inpatient treatment for a variety of mental health issues. 

According to Mental Health America, over half of adults with a mental illness do not receive treatment, totaling over 27 million adults in the U.S. who are going untreated. Also, the percentage of adults with a mental illness who report unmet need for treatment has increased every year since 2011. 

This data shows that millions of adults in America are going through a mental health crisis. Windsor Laurelwood understands the needs for adequate mental health care for adults within our own community. 

Families and other supporters are important contributors to success in treatment and their involvement is encouraged including visitation, family meetings and educational support groups. We understand the importance of family and we want family members to understand they are important, too. 

Our team of mental health professionals are ready to help you or your loved one take positive steps forward by providing a comfortable environment for mental illness recovery.

Adult Mood Disorder

Windsor Laurelwood’s Mood Disorder Unit provides short-term adult inpatient services and evaluation of patients 18 years and older struggling with acute symptoms. 

The goal of this adult acute psychiatric treatment program is to provide comprehensive assessment, evaluation and stabilization. We assist each individual with enhancing their strengths, developing coping mechanisms and educating on the disease process to create the best opportunity for relapse prevention.

Contact us to learn more about our inpatient mental health treatment program by calling 800-GET-HOPE (800-438-4673) or 440-953-3000

Adult Dual Diagnosis

Windsor Laurelwood’s Dual Diagnosis Program provides inpatient adult psychiatric services along with drug detox services to adults ages 18 and older who struggle with a co-occurring mental health condition and drug and alcohol substance use disorder.  

The goal of our dual diagnosis inpatient treatment program is to stabilize the individual’s psychiatric symptoms, as well as engage them in the recovery process. All substance abuse treatment is provided in the context of the 12-Step program model.

Contact us to learn more about our dual diagnosis treatment program by calling 800-GET-HOPE (800-438-4673) or 440-953-3000

Adult Intensive Psychiatric Program

Windsor Laurelwood’s Adult Intensive Psychiatric Program is designed to meet the needs of individuals 18 years of age and older with severe and persistent mental illness. 

The goal of this adult inpatient behavioral health program is to provide comprehensive assessment, psychiatric evaluation and stabilization. 

Throughout adult psychiatric inpatient treatment at Windsor Laurelwood, we are able to  assist the individual with enhancing their strengths and develop coping mechanisms to deal with their illness. 

Contact us to learn more about our dual diagnosis treatment program by calling 800-GET-HOPE (800-438-4673) or 440-953-3000. We can also be contacted online

Advantages of Inpatient Treatment for Adults

  • Three separate and distinct units
  • Comprehensive psychiatric and physical evaluations
  • Physician-led, multidisciplinary treatment team approach
  • Therapeutic and structured environment
  • Medication evaluation, education and management
  • Discharge and aftercare planning is thoroughly conducted to ensure the individual is set up with appropriate resources within the community
  • Partial Hospitalization Programs available after discharge

Contact Windsor Laurelwood for Adult Inpatient Treatment

Windsor Laurelwood Center for Behavioral Medicine, located just 20 miles east of downtown Cleveland, Ohio, provides programs to meet the needs of you or your loved one from an understanding and caring treatment facility. 

Our telephone number is 800-GET-HOPE (800-438-4673) or 440-953-3000. You may also contact us online to schedule a no-cost  psychiatric assessment.